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A company specializing in the production and sales of anti-counterfeiting raw materials
Changzhou ourcoat Materials Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sales of anti-counterfeiting raw materials.
Mainly produces functional pigments, including colorless fluorescent pigments, thermochromic pigments, photochromic pigments, long afterglow luminescent materials, cationic photoinitiators, etc.
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A company specializing in the production and sales of anti-counterfeiting raw materials

    Anti-counterfeiting phosphor
    Anti-counterfeiting phosphor, also known as colorless fluorescent pigment, is a general term for a large class of compounds with special chemical composition and structure and photoluminescence. There are mainly organic compounds, rare earth complexes or inorganic compounds.
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    Reversible color-changing pigments
    Reversible thermochromic pigments are prepared from electron transfer organic compound systems. Electron transfer organic compounds are a class of organic change systems with special chemical structures.
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    long afterglow luminescent material
    Long afterglow luminescent material, also known as luminous material, is a kind of photoluminescent material. It can store light energy under the condition of external ultraviolet light or visible light irradiation, and then release this part of the stored light energy in the form of visible light after the excitation is stopped.
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core advantages

Why choice us?
Customized service · product R & D, production and sales
Color changing materials

Color and temperature can be customized according to customer requirements

Professional technology from product design to full-scale customization of finished products. At present, it produces functional materials such as color-changing powder, color-changing ink, and anti-counterfeiting fluorescent color-changing. Application fields include printing and spraying, packaging anti-counterfeiting, etc.
Technical development team

Provide more professional technical services

At present, the company's secondary processing products have been developed and produced, such as color-changing ink, color-changing cloth and so on. And it has established a vertically integrated supply system of upstream, mid-stream and downstream, which can provide a full range of services for various customers.
Integrity management

Win-win and development are common values

While seeking their own interests, enterprises take the initiative to consider the interests of customers and replace independent competition with mutual benefit, mutual trust and cooperation. Take risks together, share benefits together, achieve common goals and achieve sustainable development.
Service creates beauty

Make every effort to deepen the internal management of the enterprise

Improve the service system, help customers to solve problems in the use of materials in a timely manner, so that customers feel great convenience. The company continuously promotes product structure adjustment, carries out technology and product innovation, expands product lines and strengthens production equipment.

Innovation, service and value

What are the types of anti-counterfeiting inks?… 2021-09-07

The so-called anti-counterfeiting ink is an ink that changes to a certain extent under special condit…

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